Advice for the CURIOUS.... A beginners guide to sex toys!

Advice for choosing your first sex toy

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Welcome! So you're new here or you need a little more guidance or advice? Don't worry we were all there once!

Hopefully, this guide will help to break things down for you and answers any questions you may have, but if not, do consider reaching out to us for additional 121 personalized guidance, we'd be happy to help. 

As someone with over six years of experience working with erotic brands, I have a great deal of knowledge honed, but I'm always learning more too as new products continue to hit the market! Here is my advice and my top tips for selecting a toy, especially if it's your first!

Inside out. Ask yourself what you want to explore - is it external or internal? Do you want something that focuses on the clit, the g spot, the booty or some combination of the 3?

Size matters. If you're going with something internal, how big do you want to go? My recommendation would always be to start off small unless you are confident you can handle something girthier.

Choose your materials wisely. When it comes to toys you need to make sure your materials are safe for intimate use. Over the years there has been little to no regulation in the industry and while some brands (like ourselves) self-regulate, this is not always the case with other brands. Be sure to look for body-safe materials such as silicone, glass and metal, and steer clear of jelly, plastic and anything porous! You can read more about toxic toys on one of our favorite blogs here

Power struggle. You may decide for your first toy to go with something vibration-free like a dildo for example. Or perhaps you want to experience vibration for the first time with something like a bullet. If the latter is the case, read up about the power of that particular toy. Some will offer a range from low to high, but there may also be those that are too powerful for a beginner so it's something else to keep in mind.

Invest in lube. You may not think you need it but it will make the experience much more pleasant. It reduces irritation and acts as a conductor for toys that vibrate. Everything feels better when it glides too! However, something to bear is mind is that not all lubes are toy compatible (eg silicone). A good water-based lube won't let you down.

Hygiene isn't an afterthought. Toys should be cleaned before and after use. And stored safely too. A foaming cleaner is suitable for most toys and will get into any ridges (if any) to ensure a thorough clean so that no nasty bacteria can thrive and flourish. Most of the products we sell also come with a satin or cotton storage pouch and we would recommend you use that when the toy is not in use to avoid material reactions.


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