Review: Lelo SONA featured in Stellar Magazine

Review: Lelo SONA featured in Stellar Magazine

We're thrilled to share that the team at Stellar magazine recently choose to share a review of the Lelo SONA, from Lace & Tassels, in their Christmas Dec/Jan issue. Stellar had this to say about the product: 

"We love a new toy on the scene here at STELLAR HQ and when it's focused on the ultimate female pleasure, that's even better.
We're so jaded of seeing huge jackhammer dildos or intimidating looking devices, but the Lelo SONA is here to guide you to the best orgasm of your life. It's discreet shape means that it's not instantly recognised as a sex toy, which is even more brownie points since the majority of us live at home these days. 
This toy works by suction on your clitoris...utilising sonic waves to offer a gentler clitoral stimulation. Without making direct contact, these sonic waves offer fast yet gentle clitoral stimulation for mind blowing pleasure.
The toy has eight settings so if you're more of a slow paced Susan or you like an intense vibration, it has something for everyone. It's waterproof so you can even use it in the bath or shower, and it's so silent you're practically soundproofed when you're getting the jollies - it's been tried and tested, STELLAR approved.
Prepare for your socks to be truly knocked clean off. Try the Lelo SONA for yourself, visit"

The Lelo SONA is one of our personal favorites here at Lace & Tassels, and we are so glad to see it receiving such positive attention - and honestly can't say we're surprised, it's that good! We hope you will consider giving it a try for yourselves and experience the pleasure it has to offer - you deserve it!

Thank you again to the team at Stellar magazine for their support and for sharing their thoughts on the Lelo SONA.

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