Brand Spotlight: Bijoux Indiscrets

Brand Spotlight: Bijoux Indiscrets

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Bijoux Indiscrets is a luxury brand that embraces and celebrates femininity. Created in 2006 by Marta and Elsa, two friends with a shared passion for pleasure and eroticism, Bijoux creates products that help women feel more liberated and confident about their sexuality.

Bijoux Indiscrets is all about empowering women and helping them to feel sexy and confident - they believe that when women feel sexy and confident, they can change the world! This is at the core of everything they do. This focus on female empowerment is what makes the brand so unique and sets it apart from other erotic brands.

One of the ways Bijoux Indiscrets achieves this is by creating products that are not only beautiful, but also fun and empowering. Bijoux believes that every woman should have access to the tools she needs to get to know and to take charge of her own pleasure, and they encourage customers to be creative and experiment with their products.

As if their commitment to women's pleasure isn't enough, they are also committed to respecting the environment and wildlife. Their products are vegan and not tested on animals, and they use environmentally friendly packaging and are on a mission to reduce their carbon emissions.

  • 80% of their product is produced local keeping emissions low
  • 99% of their Slow Sex & Au naturel range is recycled or recyclable
  • Their Maze collection is Peta Approved Vegan 

A feminist organisaton, their message of gender and pleasure equality resonates. If you share these values and want to support a woman owned organisation and invest in female talent, then Bijoux Indiscrets is a brand you should definitely check out! Here's some of our favourite products:



A deliciously scented sea salt and caramel massage candle from their delicatessen range - made to taste and it tastes delicious!



A blend of natural supplements proven to enhance arousal, lift mood and boost libido.


We love how creative Bijoux are when it comes to creating products with multiple uses. This is no exception. A 2 for 1, it can be worn as a stylish choker and used as a tassel whip!
When it comes to oral for all, the wetter the better! This naturally formulated product will increase saliva production allowing for an all round enhanced experience!

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