In 2020, Vannpyra Wynters, a survivor of childhood sexual trauma, founded Lace & Tassels to offer survivors, women and the LGBTQ+ community a safe space to shop and to explore their sexual and sensual sides without shame, stigma or objectification. 

Empowered by her own journey of healing and self-love, she wanted to share the experience with others and to empower them to go on their own journeys of sensual self exploration, healing and to embrace pleasure.

She wanted to disrupt the industry by moving away from the by-gone model of seedy, hidden sex shops, typically run and frequented by men, and she wanted to create something new with a classy and premium feel. And so inspired by trips abroad, by her interest in Burlesque and Kink, and after 4+ years working as an ambassador for a large UK erotic retail chain, she decided to bring her own vision to life. 

Our journey began on Facebook with our moderated community, the Lace & Tassels Lounge, and the nurture and growth of this community is still at the centre of what we do, even though we now have branched out to other platforms and launched our own website.

As an online boutique, we stock a range of design-led, high quality, premium erotic products for women, and their partners. Every single item is consciously chosen and carefully curated by Vannpyra, and every single order is hand-packed by us too. 

We also facilitate workshops, host pop ups and parties, and offer a personally tailored erotic Concierge service where we can track down specific products for those with particular or discerning tastes.

Our journey is still unfolding and we have lots more in store - we would love you to come along for the ride!


"Pleasure is not a dirty word." This is our mantra. Pleasure is, according to the Oxford dictionary, "a state of feeling or being happy or satisfied". It is the opposite of pain and suffering.

We believe everyone deserves to experience it but unfortunately, the Pleasure Gap report (Ellsworth & Bailey, 2013) shows that a disproportionate number of vulva owners are settling for diminished pleasure.

Our mission is to promote pleasure through sensual self care and sexual exploration, whether alone or with chosen partner(s), and our aim is to empower women to stop settling for less!

We're here to disrupt and we intend to challenge and transform the conversation around pleasure and kink in Ireland. Because, pleasure is NOT a dirty word!