meet aoife murray

Aoife (she/her) is a Peer Kink Educator and Coach. She was shortlisted for Influencer of the Year 2021 in the Brook x SH:2 Sexual Health Awards and featured in France 24’s Changemaker Series. Her work focuses on risk-aware kink education. She provides clients with a secure environment to discuss areas of intimacy that are often viewed as taboo. She emphasises informed consent in all sexual and kink practices, specialises in facilitating kink education workshops for university students and offers 1-1 coaching appointments to individually guide people on their BDSM journeys.

This edit features toys Aoife often recommends for clients and in her own words she’s "delighted to work with Lace & Tassels because of their focus on body-safe toys and the safe space they create for their clientele". And we're just as excited to work with her on yet another exciting collaboration. Scroll on, you're in for a treat!

the sexy staples

This section contains a fun mix of staples that belong in every beside locker and picks that are great for those experimenting with toys for the first time.

fifty shades weekend collection

adjustable cock ring

"Rings are a fun staple to have on hand. They enhance erections and can improve your sexual stamina. This lovely ring is made from body-safe silicone and can be adjusted to your desired fit. The straightforward toggle makes tailoring the fit simple - helping you avoid any foreplay fumbling." - Aoife


Let’s take things up a notch. The next five items are perfect for those who’d like to branch into the world of BDSM. We have a little something for everyone, from sensation play to pain play and bondage.

fifty shades weekend collection

adrenaline spikes wartenberg wheel

"As I pack up at the end of every workshop, I inevitably find myself coaxing this from someone’s hands. Pinwheels are a great sensation play tool. Don’t be put off by those scary spikes. When run gently along the skin they produce a slight scratch. Adding a little more pressure will kick things up to a pinch. If you’ve ever enjoyed your partner running their nails along your skin, I recommend you try this wartenberg wheel." - Aoife


You’ll never regret investing in a luxurious toy that stands the test of time. This section is perfect for those who’d like to splurge a little on a solid investment piece, the kind of toy you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again.

lelo pleasure objects

sona clitoral massager

"If I could only recommend one style of vibrator to a client, it’d be an air pulse one. These guys are often called suction vibrators because they remind people of the fantastic sucking sensation they feel during oral sex. Lelo Sona offers targeted clitoral vibration with an earth-shaking pulsating effect. I’ve had several clients achieve their first orgasm with air pulse toys." - Aoife

work with aoife

Aoife is a tour guide for the taboo. Her workshop rotation includes an introduction to kink, a session exploring anal play, and a sex toy workshop she hosts alongside Lace & Tassel’s founder Vannpyra. This year she also has three new classes; Exploring the myth of virginity, BDSM standards of consent, and finally, a session tackling period stigma and representation with the wonderful Stacey Sayers.

If you’d like 1-1 support with navigating the big bad world of BDSM, you can book a coaching appointment tailored to your needs. Also, keep an eye out for her upcoming eight-week mentorship course. One of the most valuable ways to find your feet in BDSM is through mentorship with an experienced kinkster. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find enough mentors to go around. Aoife has bridged that gap by designing an eight-week course that offers a solid foundation in BDSM. By the end of the programme, you’ll have a detailed understanding of power exchange relationships, a comprehensive limit list, and a rounded understanding of vetting and safety protocol.