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We have recently transitioned from Dovetale to Shopify Collabs.

Shopify Collabs is a brand collaboration app that lets affiliates apply to, and manage collaborations with brands on Shopify's platform.

Using Shopify Collabs, you can review your brand partners (or "collabs"), accept gifts or discount codes from brands, track your affiliate sales, and receive payments from brands.

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As an affiliate, you will receive personal discounts of 15-20% off for your own purchases. While optional, we encourage you to use these personal discounts. Sharing the product(s) purchased with it across your socials will help to build trust and show authenticity to your followers.

Ambassadors will each also be given a unique affiliate discount code. This should not be used for personal purchases. This is for you to share with your followers only.

Affiliate codes and links should be used on profiles, or in link in bio sites only. Please don't share these codes in post captions or on stories you tag us in, or we won't be able to reshare these.

For your personal commission earnings rates, see your Collabs portal.

Selected brand ambassadors will be offered free gifts via their Shopify Collabs account - keep an eye out for these emails.

If you receive one of these offers, you will need to proceed to the checkout to accept it. By accepting it, you are agreeing to share and promote the products via your social media channels tagging Lace & Tassels, and to allow us to reshare the content on our own social media, website and emails too. 

Gifts must be claimed by the end of the month in which they were sent to you for budgeting reasons. Not to worry if you miss out, more opportunities will come up in the future.

This agreement is on a rolling month to month basis. Both parties can opt to cancel at any time in the case of a conflict of interest, perceived damage to brand reputation, failure to adhere to the gifting agreement or simply a change of mind. 

If an ambassador wishes to cancel the agreement after receiving a gift, they are expected to either complete the collaboration, return the gifted products (unopened and unused) or pay for them at a discounted rate.

Failure to do so could be subject to legal action to reclaim any financial losses. We do not want to have to take such measures, but this is to deter future abuse of the programme.

As a brand ambassador, you will be compensated for every successful referral on a monthly basis.

These payments are now automatic and you must opt in via the Settings page in your Shopify Collabs account.

To learn more about payments and payout frequency, visit Shopify's guide to Collabs payment here.

All parties agree to keep information about the agreement and any details they learn as a result of this ambassador program private.


If you did not follow the instructions in previous emails, your affiliate account may now be inactive and you may need to apply again.

In all other cases, we would recommend reaching out to Shopify directly to troubleshoot any issues with your account.