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"As a sex educator and a customer, Lace & Tassels represents everything I look for in a retailer - reliable, inclusive, knowledgeable, approachable & good value." - Grace Alice O Shea, Sex Educator

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Lace & Tassels, the latest online emporium offering an exceptional selection of sextech products. Founded by a Dublin-native Vannpyra Wynters in 2020. This Drogheda-based business was founded with a mission to provide premium sextech products that meet the needs of the Irish market while empowering people to openly discuss and prioritize their sexual wellness, free from judgment and stigma.

As a kink connoisseur and sex-positive community facilitator, Vannpyra recognized the need for a safe and inclusive space where people could explore their sexual desires and fantasies with consent, education, and community. Lace & Tassels offerings include a vast array of products suitable for people of all genders, bodies and lifestyles.

The Founder's personal experiences as a queer woman, a survivor, and someone with chronic illness have driven her commitment to making Lace & Tassels a safe, welcoming and accessible space for everyone. The company provides personalized advice and guidance through its Concierge service, while actively supporting local artists, businesses, and causes. Additionally, the company is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact by offering eco-friendly and ethical pleasure products, a free product recycling service, and taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint. Between 10-15% of the company's revenue is spent on People, Planet & Purpose annually. 

Lace & Tassels is also committed to educating and raising awareness around sex positivity and sexual wellness in Ireland. Through workshops and features on podcasts and other media, the company strives to provide accessible and comprehensive resources for individuals and couples to enhance their sexual experiences. 

Vannpyra's expertise has been honed through several years experience in the industry along with graduation from UCD's Innovation Academy and Bryony Cole's Sextech School. In addition to being a member of the Femtech Collective, she regularly attends workshops and keeps up to date with short courses. Her focus on quality, accessibility, and affordability ensures that Lace & Tassels provides an unparalleled shopping experience for Irish customers.

We believe that Lace & Tassels' innovative approach to sextech and commitment to creating a safe, inclusive space will be of great interest to your readers. For further information, samples, media commentary, or to schedule an interview with Vannpyra Wynters, please contact

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