Back Door Silicone Based Relaxing Anal Glide


Back Door Silicone Based Relaxing Anal Glide

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pjur® BACK DOOR Moisturizing is a silicone-based personal lubricant with Sodium Jojoba extracts to moisturize the skin.

This product is ideal for those looking to enhance their intimate experiences during anal intercourse!

  • Specially formulated for anal sex
  • Silicone-based lubricant with jojoba
  • Tasteless, odourless and non sticky
  • Does not pair with silicone toys
  • Condom compatible
  • For everyday use

For natural-feeling lubrication during anal intercourse, this product helps replace personal moisture and is biocompatible with skin and mucous membranes. It's free of synthetic colors, fats, paraffins, perfume, and added flavors, making it safe for everyday use.