Body Sculpting Tape A-F+ 5m
Body Sculpting Tape A-F+ 5m

Bye Bra

Body Sculpting & Binding Tape A-F+ 5m

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Your Style, Your Way - Flaunt or Flatten with Confidence!

Get ready to revolutionize your style with the versatile Bye Bra Body Tape. Whether you're looking to enhance your cleavage for a show-stopping look or desire a flat-chested appearance to express your true self, this inclusive body tape caters to all individuals, regardless of their gender identity.

  • Versatile sizing, accommodating a wide range of cup sizes, A-F+, for an inclusive and supportive fit.
  • The extra-wide tape design ensures maximum comfort and security, regardless of your style preferences.
  • Dermatologically approved and hypoallergenic, ensuring a safe experience for all skin types.
  • Benefit from high-quality and long-lasting adhesive, providing dependable support throughout the day.
  • Embrace any activity with confidence, thanks to the sweat- and waterproof properties of the tape.
  • Enjoy a painless removal process by simply soaking the tape in baby or body oil.

With the Bye Bra Body Tape, you have the power to express your style, your way. Flaunt your enhanced cleavage with confidence or opt for a flat-chested look that truly represents you. Our commitment to inclusivity means this tape is stocked for all—cisgender, transgender, non-binary, and everyone in between.

Seize the opportunity to elevate your style and embrace your authentic self. Grab your Bye Bra Body Tape now and take the first step towards expressing your unique beauty and fashion choices with unwavering confidence.