Duo 2 Dual Stimulator
Duo 2 Dual Stimulator
Duo 2 Dual Stimulator
Duo 2 Dual Stimulator
Duo 2 Dual Stimulator
Duo 2 Dual Stimulator
Duo 2 Dual Stimulator
Duo 2 Dual Stimulator


Duo 2 Dual Stimulator

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Embark on an exhilarating journey with DUO 2, the avant-garde rabbit sex toy that transcends boundaries and elevates pleasure to an art form.

Crafted for the discerning connoisseur, this premium pleasure companion is not just a toy—it's an experience.

Indulge in the extraordinary as Pleasure Air gently envelopes your clitoris, orchestrating an exquisite dance of air and vibrations. With its dual motors DUO 2 choreographs a duet of pleasure, simultaneously caressing your G-spot with deep, rumbly vibrations and tempting your clitoris with suction-like Pleasure Air stimulation. Experience the symphony of satisfaction as both sensations converge into a blissful crescendo.

The allure of desire meets the hush of anticipation. DUO 2 whispers to life only when it senses your skin, and gracefully slips into standby mode when not in use thanks to its Smart Silence feature. 

Whether you crave a gentle caress or a powerful crescendo, DUO 2 harmonizes with your every mood. With 10 vibration patterns, from the subtle sway to the sizzling cha-cha, find your rhythm effortlessly. Like a customizable masterpiece, DUO 2 lets you sculpt your pleasure. The Pleasure Air clitoral stimulator and G-spot vibrator can be used separately, offering a palette of sensations for your unique desires. 

  • Revolutionary Pleasure Air Technology
  • Smart Silence Technology
  • Afterglow Function
  • Rechargeable, cable included
  • 12 intensities, 10 vibration modes
  • Dual motors, dual controls
  • Designed for experienced pleasure seekers
  • 2 stimulator heads included

Pleasure knows no bounds and neither should your toy! With an IPX7 waterproof rating, DUO 2 transforms bathtime, showers, and even pool parties into sensual escapes.

With 120 minutes of operating time, and a few minutes needed for orgasmic bliss, DUO 2 is not just a toy; it's your express ticket to pleasure, again and again and again.

When you're done, let the Afterglow function caress you to a relaxing finish, and savour the culmination of indulgence with the DUO 2 dual vibrator.