Hot Water Anal Douche (Includes Free Collectors Print)
Hot Water Anal Douche (Includes Free Collectors Print)
Hot Water Anal Douche (Includes Free Collectors Print)

Tom of Finland

Hot Water Anal Douche (Includes Free Collectors Print)

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Experience the satisfaction and pleasure of a thorough anal cleanse with Tom of Finland's Hot Water Anal Douche.

Whether you're preparing for anal sex, prioritizing personal hygiene, or seeking pleasurable sensations, this reusable anal douche is a versatile and convenient option.

Featuring an accordion-style design, this anal douche can hold up to 500ml of liquid, ensuring a thorough rinse. The rounded tip with five evenly spaced holes disperses the fluid for optimal coverage and cleansing.

Cleaning out is more than just a task; it can be an enjoyable experience too! The rush of liquid pleasure deep inside you can heighten your sensations and leave you feeling refreshed. With its blue removable tip, measuring 4 inches insertable and tapering out to 1.25 inches wide at the base, this douche reaches deep for a thorough cleanse.

The Tom of Finland Line of toys is renowned for its quality and safety. As an extra bonus, this anal douche comes with a Tom of Finland dog tag and a free collector print, adding a touch of style and collector's appeal to your purchase.

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