Sex & Mischief Shadow Ball Crop
Sex & Mischief Shadow Ball Crop
Sex & Mischief Shadow Ball Crop


Sex & Mischief Shadow Ball Crop

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Discover a new realm of sensation and dominance with the Sportsheets Sex & Mischief Shadow Ball Crop.

This exquisite implement is designed to heighten impact play, introducing you and your partner to a world of intensified bedroom experiences. With its sleek handle, comfortable wrist strap, and unique circular tip, the Shadow Ball Crop is your invitation to explore a symphony of sensations and desires.

  • Sensation and Dominance: Designed for those passionate about impact play, the Shadow Ball Crop offers a versatile range of sensations. From gentle taps that tease to firmer swats that ignite, this crop empowers you to take control of your intimate encounters.
  • Compact Design, Powerful Impact: Measuring 44 cm in length, this ball crop's sleek and compact design belies its potent impact.
  • Satisfying thuds: The ball crop delivers a deep, dull thud that resonates through the senses, appealing to those who crave thumpy sensations over sharp stings.
  • Thoughtful Craftsmanship: Its sleek handle and wrist strap ensure ease of use and a secure grip, allowing you to explore your desires with confidence.

Unveil the world of intensified sensations, embrace the allure of impact play, and awaken desires you never knew existed. With the Shadow Ball Crop in your hands, every stroke becomes a statement, every touch an invitation, and every encounter an unforgettable memory.