Vector+ Prostate Vibe (Includes Free App)
Vector+ Prostate Vibe (Includes Free App)
Vector+ Prostate Vibe (Includes Free App)
Vector+ Prostate Vibe (Includes Free App)
Vector+ Prostate Vibe (Includes Free App)
Vector+ Prostate Vibe (Includes Free App)
Vector+ Prostate Vibe (Includes Free App)
Vector+ Prostate Vibe (Includes Free App)

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Vector+ Prostate Vibe (Includes Free App)

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Unleash the power of elegance and education in your intimate moments with the We-Vibe Vector+ Prostate Vibe.

Designed to delight, this sensual masterpiece caters to both your prostate and perineum simultaneously, offering an intimate experience. Vector+ also boasts two powerful motors that operate independently, each with 10 distinct vibration modes. This dual-motor system ensures precise, customizable stimulation, allowing you to explore and savor your desires like never before.

Control at Your Fingertips

Experience a new level of pleasure with the We-Vibe app, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. This innovative feature empowers you to create personalized stimulation programs and seamlessly control the Vector+ via your smartphone. Dive into the world of long-distance intimacy with the We-Connect function, and keep the passion alive, no matter the distance.

Connection Beyond Pleasure

But that's not all; the We-Vibe app isn't just about sensation – it's about connection. Engage in intimate conversations with your partner, thanks to the built-in chat, voice, and video functions. Explore new ways to bond and discover the boundaries of pleasure together, whether you're in the same room or miles apart.

Adaptable to Your Desires

The Vector+ is a marvel of ergonomic design, its bendable form easily adapting to your unique anatomy. Made from velvety soft silicone, it ensures maximum comfort during wear, allowing you to focus entirely on your pleasure journey.

Explore New Horizons

For those seeking aquatic adventures, the Vector+ is fully waterproof, enabling you to explore the depths of pleasure in the bath or shower. With its whisper-quiet operation, you can indulge in discreet delights without any distractions.

Sustainable Sensuality

The Vector+ is as eco-conscious as it is pleasurable. Rechargeable via a USB magnetic charger, you can enjoy its luxurious sensations time and time again, without the need for disposable batteries.

Discover the elegance of pleasure, the education of connection, and the sheer sophistication of the We-Vibe Vector+ Anal Vibrator today!