Warm Drip Fetish Candles Multi Colour
Warm Drip Fetish Candles Multi Colour


Warm Drip Fetish Candles Multi

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Add some heat to your BDSM play with these Warm Drip Fetish Candles. These wax play candles are designed specifically for titillating fun and are perfect for stimulating your partner's senses.

To use, simply light the candles and let the warm wax drip slowly onto your partner's body. The candles are made from 100% paraffin and have a melting point between 50°C and 52°C, making them perfect for wax play.

  • 3 candles - red, white and blue
  • 100% Paraffin - designed specifically for wax play
  • Melting point between 50°C and 52°C
  • Measurements: 17,5 cm long.

Plus, with a sleek 17.5 cm length and beautiful red, white, and blue colors, these candles are a visually and sensually pleasing addition to any BDSM play session. So why wait? Add these Warm Drip Fetish Candles to your collection today and turn up the heat in the bedroom.