Friends Not Villains: The vibrator sensitivity myth that may be holding you back

Friends Not Villains: The vibrator sensitivity myth that may be holding you back

The other day I received a message from a concerned-but-curious friend asking if it’s true that “vibrators desensitize your clitoris and make it difficult to achieve orgasms”, so I thought this would be an interesting topic to write about as it’s something that does occasionally come up at workshops, and in my DMs on Instagram from time-to-time. The scientific and factually correct answer is no, it’s not true. Read on to learn more. 


One of the most common myths in the realm of sexual health is the idea that vibrators can cause genital desensitization, making it difficult to achieve orgasms without the use of a toy. However, this is not supported by scientific evidence. The truth is that vibrators can actually improve overall sexual functioning, such as increased arousal, lubrication, and orgasm.

So where does the myth come from? It likely stems from a lack of education and understanding of women's bodies, especially when it comes to sexual pleasure. Society often teaches women to feel uncomfortable with the idea of experiencing pleasure for the sake of pleasure and getting themselves off, so it's not surprising that this myth has been perpetuated. In fact scientific studies. such as this one from the Journal of Sexual Medicine, report that vibrators are rarely associated with negative symptoms and instead, they typically help to improve your overall sexual functioning, such as your ability to feel aroused, produce lubrication, and to orgasm. 

But then why do some individuals report experiencing “dead vagina syndrome” (a fictional term coined to describe a loss of vaginal/vulva sensation)? Some vulva owners describe experiencing a perceived “numb” sensation or inability to orgasm after relying on toys to get them there. But they are not actually numb - while they may have an underlying medical conditions or they most likely have become accustomed to achieving quick, easy, fast orgasms with the help of a specific, possibly very strong, toy which the manual hand method or other gentler toys are not comparable with. This is not to say you can’t untrain your mind and body to acclimate again to the manual method, and it's even possible to avoid experiencing that altogether too, if you get in there early enough with the knowledge we're going to give you here!

Much like in other forms of intercourse, it’s healthy and super encouraged to explore different positions and techniques! Changing up your routine can avoid training your brain and body to rely on one method for orgasming and can help you to avoid hitting an orgasm plateau. If you are already experiencing a mental, or physical, roadblock due to using strong toys or acclimating to a set routine, this can be overcome with some patience and practice. Give yourself time to experiment without feeling pressured to reach orgasm immediately! 

In conclusion, the idea that vibrator use leads to genital desensitization is a baseless myth. Vibrators can actually enhance sensitivity and improve sexual function. If you are experiencing decreased sensitivity, it's important to seek medical advice to determine if there is any underlying medical cause. Don't let the misconception of vibrator use, or fear mongering narratives, hold you back from exploring and improving your sexual health and pleasure!


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